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Applying for Time - Academia and Government (Research)

Please read the Facility User Policies carefully before applying for time.

To apply for time on the 900 MHz NMR spectrometer, interested researchers are required to submit a brief research proposal as outlined in the application form below (Appendix A). A research proposal for the 900 should be a specific concise project and not a research program of the applicant's research team, i.e. the title and description of the project should reflect a particular research problem to be solved on the 900 MHz NMR instrument.

All proposals will be reviewed and prioritized by the members of the Steering Committee on the merit of scientific goals and scientific quality, necessity for the ultrahigh magnetic field and qualifications/ experience of the applicant. Please submit your complete application electronically as a single PDF file to the Facility Manager (E-mail). At the moment there are no deadlines for applications.

Ongoing operations of the Facility are user-funded. the Facility Steering Committee has approved the following user fees effective February 1, 2015:

Canadian academic users
(non-member Universities)
and Canadian Government

$750/day or $35/hr
non-Canadian academic users $1500/day or $70/hr ($CA)
Industry $3000/day or $150/hr
Technical assistance/operator
(where applicable)
The user fees cover use of the Facility, including magnet, console, probes and MAS rotors, and technical assistance for academic users.

Appendix A

National Ultrahigh-Field NMR Facility for Solids

Application form

Project Title

Supported by (list financial support from all sources, e.g. Federal or Provincial government agencies, private foundations, industrial or other commercial organizations)

Name of the applicant (normally PI)


Contact information

Immediate user (if not the applicant, name, title, contact information)

Requested visit dates

Requested equipment, materials and supplies

Requested technical assistance (if necessary)

Research Proposal (one-two pages)

Describe briefly research to be conducted, scientific goals, proposed time frame for the whole project. The proposal should include results obtained at lower magnetic fields and clearly demonstrate why the ultrahighfield NMR instrument is requested. Please include a list of the most important publications relevant to the proposed research, either written by the applicant or publications by other researchers.

Brief curriculum vitae of the applicant (normally PI, one page)

Normally, the person applying for the instrument time should hold an ongoing Faculty (including Adjunct) or Staff position at an accredited University or College, or hold a senior research position with a company.

Brief curriculum vitae of the immediate user (if not PI, one page)

CV should demonstrate sufficient first-hand experience of the applicant, or a person intended to work on the spectrometer on behalf of the applicant, in solid-state NMR, ability to perform complex experiments on modern NMR spectrometers independently or with minimal technical assistance.

Applying for Time - Business and Industry

State-of-the art 900 MHz (21.1 T) NMR spectrometer at the Canadian National Ultrahigh-field NMR Facility for Solids (Ottawa, Ontario) is available for Canadian and international industrial users

Equipped with:
» multinuclear capabilities (over 50 nuclides)
» variable-temperature capabilities
» over 20 state-of-the art NMR probes
» ultra-fast magic-angle spinning (65 kHz)

Ideal for your solid-state applications in:
catalysis, polymorphism, amorphous systems, materials science, heterogeneous systems, biochemistry, pharmaceuticals, supramolecular chemistry, and much more!

Technical Staff is available to record and help to interpret your data.

Instrument user fees ($CA 3000/day) cover use of the Facility, including magnet, console, probes and MAS rotors. The minimum charge is for one full day (24 hrs). An hourly rate ($CA 150 per hour) and discounted rates for volume clients are also available. Technical assistance is charged at $100/hr for experiment setup (typically 1-2 hrs per booking depending on complexity).

Inquiries from industry and government are welcome:

Victor Terskikh, Ph.D.
National Ultrahigh-Field NMR Facility for Solids
1200 Montreal Road, building M-40
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1A 0R6

Tel. (613) 998-5552
Fax: (613) 990-1555
Email: nmr.canada@gmail.com