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the 900 team
Left to right: Victor Terskikh (manager, NMR Facility), John Ripmeester (Steering Committee, NRCSIMS), Marek Pruski (International Advisory Board, Ames Laboratory, Iowa State University), Timothy Cross (International Advisory Board, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Tallahassee), Michèle Auger (Steering Committee, Université Laval), Arno Kentgens (International Advisory Board, Radboud University, Nijmegen), David Bryce (Steering Committee, University of Ottawa), Roderick Wasylishen (Steering Committee, University of Alberta), Yining Huang (University of Western Ontario). Not pictured: Gang Wu (Steering Committee, Queen’s University), Jamie Bennett (NRC-SIMS), Eric Ye (NMR Facility).


The management structure of the Facility consists of an International Advisory Board, a Steering Committee, and a Manager.

The International Advisory Board consists of three members, recognized experts of the international NMR community. The members are appointed jointly by the President of NRC and the Vice-President, Research, of the University of Ottawa. The term of membership is 3 years. The Advisory Board meets once a year. It reviews the Annual Report of the operations of the Facility, and provides comments, suggestions and recommendations on the efficiency of the operations, on the basis of the evaluation of the report. The mandate consists also of informing the Steering Committee of new opportunities for synergy among the users, and with external partners in different sectors. The Board appoints users to serve as members of the Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee is responsible for the operational planning. As a general responsibility, the Steering Committee maintains the state-of-the-art nature of the Facility, and takes actions to implement the necessary improvements. Its mandate consists also of establishing the criteria for access to the facility and for priority of scheduling, in managing the budget for minor upgrades, and in improving the general operations of the Facility. The Steering Committee reviews regularly the structure of user fees, oversees the budget of the Facility, and submits the Annual Report of the Facility to the Advisory Board.

The Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations. The manager is the liaison between the users, the technical staff and the Steering Committee. The manager is also the liaison with the NRC staff providing technical assistance. The manager prepares an Annual Report of the Facility for review by the Steering Committee before review by the Board.


International Advisory Board: T. Cross (U.S.A.), A. Kentgens (the Netherlands), M. Pruski (U.S.A.)

Steering Committee: M. Auger (Université Laval), D. Bryce (University of Ottawa) (chair), J. Ripmeester (NRC-SIMS), R. Wasylishen (University of Alberta), G. Wu (Queen's University)

Operations: V. Terskikh (manager, NRC-SIMS and University of Ottawa), E. Ye (NMR technician, University of Ottawa)