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Friščić, Tomislav (Chemistry)

Gehring, Kalle (Biochemistry)

Mittermaier, Anthony (Chemistry, Chemical Biology)

Reven, Linda (Chemistry, Materials Chemistry)

Sprules, Tara (QANUC)

Stein, Robin (NMR Facility)

QANUC Québec/Eastern Canada High Field NMR Facility

McGill NMR Facility (Chemistry)

GRASP (Groupe de Recherche Axé sur la Structure des Protéines)

CREATE Program in Bionanomachines (CTPB)

10th Annual GRASP Symposium, Nov 20, 2017, McGill University, Montréal, QC (Oct 8/17)

Canadian event10th Annual GRASP Symposium
November 20, 2017, McGill University, Montréal, QC, Canada

Dear colleagues,

You are invited to attend the 10th Annual GRASP Symposium to be held on Monday, November 20th, 2017

The deadline for online registration is Sunday November 5, 2017. Registration is required for all attendees at

Please feel free to contact me at grasp.med "at" mcgill.ca if you have any question.

Best regards,


QANUC Grand Reopening and EPR Symposium and Workshop, McGill University, Montreal, July 21, 2017 (June 15/17)


To celebrate the re-opening of QANUC (Quebec / Eastern Canada High-Field NMR Facility) with the installation of the new 800 MHz NMR instrument and the addition of EPR to the McGill Chemistry Magnetic Resonance Facility, we are holding a symposium on Friday July 21st.

In the morning, NMR talks will start off with an opening lecture by Prof. Christian Griesinger (MPI Gottingen) and include talks from local users Kathy Borden, Nick Doucet, Pascale Legault and the QANUC Director, Anthony Mittermaier. In parallel, an EPR workshop run by Bruker will take place in the EPR lab.

Lunch and lab tours will be followed by EPR talks featuring John McCracken (Michigan State University), Gunnar Jeschke (ETH Zurich), Sushil Misra (Concordia), and Scott Bohle (McGill). The theme is “What EPR Can Do For You” and anyone interested in EPR is welcome! Also in the afternoon, Tara Sprules will lead a workshop on multi-dimensional data processing using NMRPipe (geared towards grad students/postdocs that are actively working on an NMR project).


Visit the website for more information and to sign up (required). Contact Robin Stein for information about the EPR workshop and talks and Tara Sprules for information about the NMR workshop and talks, and please forward this to anyone who might be interested.

Robin Stein and Tara Sprules

Robin Stein
NMR/EPR Facility Manager

Dept of Chemistry, McGill University
Room 35B, Otto Maass, 801 Sherbrooke St. West
Montreal, QC H3A 0B8

Web: http://nmr.chem.mcgill.ca
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mcgillnmr

NMR paper in Nature Chemical Biology (Oct 3/14)

L. Freiburger, T. Miletti, S. Zhu, O. Baettig, A. Berghuis, K. Auclair & A. Mittermaier, "Substrate-dependent switching of the allosteric binding mechanism of a dimeric enzyme," Nature Chemical Biology (2014) online. http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/nchembio.1626

CrystEngComm themed issue International Year of Crystallography Celebration: North America (July 21/14)

International Year of Crystallography Celebration: North America


Themed issue: International Year of Crystallography Celebration: North America

issue 31, 21 August 2014, Page 7151 to 7358

guest-edited by Christer B. Aakeröy (Kansas State) and Tomislav Friščić (McGill)

Christer B. Aakeröy and Tomislav Friščić, "2014 International year of crystallography celebration: North America," (Editorial) CrystEngComm 16 (2014) 7160-7161. http://dx.doi.org/10.1039/c4ce90100b

Canadian NMR contributions

K. Shin, I.L. Moudrakovski, M.D. Davari, S. Alavi, C.I. Ratcliffe, and J.A. Ripmeester, "Crystal engineering the clathrate hydrate lattice with NH4F," CrystEngComm 16 (2014) 7209-7217. (IYCr 2014 North America themed issue) http://dx.doi.org/10.1039/c3ce41661e

J. Viger-Gravel, J.E. Meyer, I. Korobkov and D.L. Bryce,
"Probing Halogen Bonds with Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy. Observation and Interpretation of J(77Se, 31P) Coupling in Halogen-Bonded P=Se···I Motifs," CrystEngComm 16 (2014) 7285-7297. (IYCr 2014 North America themed issue) http://dx.doi.org/10.1039/c4ce00345d

M.P. Hildebrand, H. Hamaed, A.M. Namespetra, J.M. Donohue, R. Fu, I. Hung, Z. Gan and R.W. Schurko, "35Cl Solid-State NMR of HCl Salts of Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients: Structural Prediction, Spectral Fingerprinting and Polymorph Recognition," CrystEngComm 16 (2014) 7334-7356. (IYCr 2014 North America themed issue) http://dx.doi.org/10.1039/c4ce00544a

NSERC 2014 Competition Results (June 27/14) [NSERC  ]

Discovery Grants

Blaine Chronik (Western) Magnetic Resonance Systems Development

Kalle Gehring (McGill) Protein folding in the endoplasmic reticulum

Paul Hazendonk (Lethbridge) Solid-State NMR of Complex Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Materials

Vladimir Ladizhansky (Guelph) Interactions of membrane proteins with lipids, water, and other proteins in biological membranes

William MacFarlane (UBC) Development and Application of Depth-Resolved beta-Detected Nuclear Magnetic Resonance to electronic, ionic and molecular phenomena in the Solid State

Giuseppe Melacini (McMaster) Solution NMR Studies of Interactions of Ligands With Plasma Proteins

Anthony Mittermaier (McGill) Binding Mechanisms and Conformational Equilibria in Biomacromolecular Interactions

Geoffrey Ozin (Toronto) Silicon Nanochemistry

Linda Reven (McGill) Solid-State NMR of Polymer and Liquid Crystalline Nanocomposites

Andre Simpson (Toronto Scarborough) Development of flow-based and magic angle spinning in-vivo NMR to understand environmental stress

Jenifer Thewalt (Simon Fraser) Domains in Biologically Relevant Lipid Membranes

David Wishart (Alberta) Development of Improved Methods to Rapidly Characterize Protein Structure, Function and Dynamics

Julian Zhu (Université de Montréal) Versatile Polymeric Biomaterials

Discovery Accelerator Supplement
$120,000 over three years

Giuseppe Melacini (McMaster) Solution NMR Studies of Interactions of Ligands With Plasma Proteins

Research Tools and Instruments (RTI)

Derek Gates (UBC) Upgrade to UBC-Chemistry Departmental NMR Facility

NMR Workshop at MOOT (Sept 12/13)

Greetings MOOTers,

We are offering a free workshop on NMR data processing (NMRPipe) and analysis (NMRViewJ) on the afternoon of Friday October 25th (3-7 PM). This is a hands-on workshop, attendees will be required to bring their own laptop computer.

If you would like to attend, please e-mail [sameer.wahid "at" mcgill.ca] prior to Friday, September 27th.

Topics include:
- Introduction to NMRPipe and NMRViewJ
- 2D data processing and phasing, with NMRPipe
- Viewing 2D spectra, peak picking, and making figures using NMRViewJ
- Analysis of protein NMR titration data, using NMRViewJ
- Other topics can be covered on request

Best regards,

Sameer Al-Abdul-Wahid
Postdoctoral Fellow - Gehring Lab
McGill University, Department of Biochemistry

For more information about MOOT visit http://www.mootnmr.org

NMR paper in Science (July 24/13)

J.-F. Trempe, V. Sauvé, K. Grenier, M. Seirafi, M.Y. Tang, M. Ménade, S. Al-Abdul-Wahid, J. Krett, K. Wong, G. Kozlov, B. Nagar, E.A. Fon, K. Gehring, "Structure of Parkin Reveals Mechanisms for Ubiquitin Ligase Activation," Science 340 (2013) 1451-1455. http://dx.doi.org/10.1126/science.1237908

5th Annual GRASP Symposium - registration is open (updated Oct 1/12)

Monday November 19, 2012, 8:00am - 6:30pm
McGill New Residence Hall
3625 Avenue du Parc
Montréal, QC, H2X 3P8

Dear Colleagues,

Drs. Kalle Gehring and Albert Berghuis would like to invite you to take part in the fifth scientific symposium of GRASP.

Outstanding international speakers - Gregory Petsko, Wolfgang Peti, Frank Sicheri, Anne-Claude Gingras, Paul de Koninck, Brian Sykes - poster sessions, exhibitors and short talks will be presented at this auspicious event, demonstrating the affluence of structural biology research in Quebec.

Registration is free, thanks to our very generous sponsors, but you need to register if you want your abstract to be selected for an oral presentation and/or your abstract title to be printed in the booklet. Registration is now open.

For information about this symposium, please send an email [grasp.med "at" mcgill.ca] or visit


The organizing committee:

Kalle Gehring, GRASP Director
Albert Berghuis, GRASP Co-Director
Annick Guyot, GRASP Coordinator

An interaction map of ER chaperones and foldases

Cover article in Molecular & Cellular Proteomics (Sept 4/12)

G. Jansen, P. Määttänen, A.Y. Denisov, L. Scarffe, B. Schade, H. Balghi, K. Dejgaard, L.Y. Chen, W.J. Muller, K. Gehring and D.Y. Thomas, "An interaction map of ER chaperones and foldases," Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 11 (2012) 710-723. (Cover article) http://dx.doi.org/10.1074/mcp.M111.016550


Recognition: Anthony Mittermaier (May 21/12)
reposted from Agilent with permission

Agilent Technologies has announced the winner of the fourth annual Agilent Early Career Professor Award. Dr. Anthony Mittermaier, associate professor of chemistry at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, will receive $50,000 per year for two years in his name, to support his research.

Mittermaier joined the faculty in the department of chemistry at McGill in 2005 and has used nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy in his research to develop an understanding of how the primary amino-acid sequence of a protein determines its dynamic properties. His work has also established links between structural mobility at the microscopic level and functional activity at the macroscopic level.

This year's award focused on the field of structural biology using NMR, an area of research highly valued by Agilent. To qualify for the award, a professor must make significant contributions to the subset of structural biology that uses NMR techniques to improve understanding of the molecular structure and function of nucleic acids or proteins. Mittermaier's research has successfully applied molecular biology, mutagenesis methods and NMR to probe the relationship between protein sequences, dynamics and function.

"We are delighted to learn that Agilent has selected our colleague Anthony Mittermaier for this prestigious award," said professor R. Bruce Lennox, chair of McGill's department of chemistry. "Professor Mittermaier is a pioneer in recognizing the power of an integrated dynamic and thermodynamic approach to understanding protein behavior. His combined NMR/calorimetry approach to sorting out the coupled protein folding/allostery problem is likely to find widespread application to many protein systems."

"This year, we were fortunate to have another group of impressive candidates," said Jack Wenstrand, director of University Relations at Agilent. "Our winner, Dr. Anthony Mittermaier, has demonstrated the highest level of excellence and skill in structural biology, and we are looking forward to following his innovative research endeavors."

The Agilent Early Career Professor Award is presented annually to recognize and encourage excellence in measurement research. It seeks to establish strong collaborative relationships between Agilent researchers and leading professors early in their careers, as well as to underscore Agilent's role as a sponsor of university research. More details are available at

Recognition: 53rd ENC Student Travel Awards (April 6/12)

ENC has announced winners of 2012 Student Travel Stipends attending the 53rd ENC, April 15-20, 2012, Miami, Florida. The stipends are funded by the ENC, the Suraj P. Manrao Science Foundation, and the generous contributions of companies. Among awardees there are several Canadian recipients, including

Andrée Gravel (Université du Québec à Montréal)
Emily Ritz (University of Guelph)
Siqi Zhu (McGill University)
Bryan Lucier (University of Windsor)
Hussain Masoom (University of Toronto)
Erick Meneses Ramirez (McGill University)

Congratulations to all the winners!

The finalized 53rd ENC program is now available online

"Canadian NMR Research" News Bulletin (Nov 16/11)

Fall 2011

Fellow MR-enthusiasts,

the Fall 2011 issue of the "Canadian NMR Research" bulletin is now available for download. In this issue Kalle Gehring (McGill) introduces a new CREATE trainig program in Bionanomachines. There are also many interesting recent research and hardware developments and awards, and as usual plentiful of MR publications!

You are welcome to forward this bulletin to your students and co-workers.

CREATE program in Bionanomachines (Nov 2/11)

Graduate and Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Bionanotechnology

The new NSERC-sponsored CREATE Training Program in Bionanomachines (CTPB) offers summer research stipends to undergraduates and 2-year stipends to graduate students in 22 laboratories in Montreal, Québec City, Calgary and Saskatoon. Bionanomachines is a young and developing field at the intersection of structural biology, supramolecular chemistry and biophysics that seeks to understand how biological machines function at the molecular level, and to harness their power for applications in health, chemistry and physics. For more information visit http://bionano.ca/en or contact the CTPB Coordinator at (bionano.med "at" mcgill.ca).

CREATE program in Bionanomachines (July 23/11)

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)
has announced a new Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) grant in Bionanomachines led by Kalle Gehring at McGill University.

The CREATE Program in Bionanomachines (CTPB) is focused on the principles, design, and applications of bionanomachines, which are defined as nanometer scale devices such as enzymes or biomaterials that are derived from living organisms and composed of DNA, RNA, protein, sugars, and/or lipids. Existing bionanomachines touch us every day as improved stain-removing enzymes in laundry detergents to diagnostic tools and therapies for medicine and health.

The CTPB links world-class laboratories from across Canada in the fields of structural biology, biotechnology, supramolecular chemistry, nanotechnology, biophysics and protein engineering. Summer and graduate studentships can be held at Concordia University, the Université Laval, McGill University, the University of Calgary, the Université de Montréal, and the Université du Québec à Montréal. Applications for next year are due in December 2011.

A full list of mentors and program details can be found on the CTPB web site: http://www.bionanomachines.ca (available September, 2011) or by e-mail (bionanomachines.med "at" mcgill.ca)

NMR paper in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology (Feb 10/11)

L.A. Freiburger, O.M. Baettig, T. Sprules, A.M. Berghuis, K. Auclair, A.K. Mittermaier, "
Competing allosteric mechanisms modulate substrate binding in a dimeric enzyme," Nature Structural & Molecular Biology (2011) online. http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/nsmb.1978

NMR events at CSC 2011 (Jan 26/11)

Dear colleagues,

The 94th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition (CSC 2011) "Chemistry and Health" will be held in Montréal, Québec from June 5-9, 2011, as a joint effort of the Canadian Society for Chemistry and the four Montréal Universities, with the Université de Montréal Chemistry Department as the host. The CSC is the largest annual national event for chemical professionals attracting close to 2500 participants each year.

Canada is very dynamic in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy and to pursue the tradition, a solid-state NMR workshop as well as two 1.5-day NMR symposia are scheduled to cover a wide range of applications and developments in the fields of solution and solid-state NMR.

Profs Anthony Mittermaier (McGill University) and Pierre Lavigne (Université de Sherbrooke) are organizing the "Solution NMR: Biomolecular structure, dynamics, and function" symposium which includes, amongst a list of over 15 speakers, Charalampos Kalodimos (Rutgers U.). Brian Sykes (U. of Alberta), Gary Shaw (U. Western Ontario) and Lawrence McIntosh (UBC).

Profs Michel Lafleur (Université de Montréal) and Isabelle Marcotte (Université du Québec à Montréal) are co-organizers of the symposium entitled "Solid-state NMR: From materials to biomolecules". So far, Profs Marc Baldus (U. of Utrecht), Vladimir Ladizhansky (U. of Guelph), Bruce Balcom (U. New Brunswick), Valerie Booth (Memorial U.) and Dr. Ansgar Siemer (Columbia U.) have confirmed their presence as guest speakers.

We invite you to participate in the CSC2011 conference which plenary lecturer will be Nobel Laureate Prof. Roger Tsien (U. of California, San Diego). More detail on the symposia, abstract submission and registration can be found on the conference website at http://www.csc2011.ca

The deadline for abstract submission is February 15, 2011.

Submit your abstract through Hermes Conference Centre via the CSC2011 website. Details are available at http://www.csc2011.ca/Program/submit_abstract.html

NMR Symposia Organizers

Thesis Defenses (Oct 21/10)

Qian Liu
(Department of Biochemistry, McGill) June 2010
Supervisor: Kalle Gehring
PhD thesis "Structural Insights into Apoptotic Regulation by BCL-2 Family"

6th Annual McGill Biophysical Chemistry Symposium (March 24/10)

Tuesday, May 13, 2010: This one-day, on-site Symposium aims to bring together research groups interested in using physical/chemical tools to study biological systems. This will be a great opportunity to interact with other biophysical/biochemical labs in Eastern Canada. This year's program is very exciting, with talks from researchers at Montreal, Ottawa, Sherbrooke, and Kingston, and a plenary lecture from Prof. Mike Summers (HHMI).

For more information, click here


Canadian job Department of Chemistry, McGill University (March 3/10)

EPR Research Assistant

Applications are invited for a research assistant in the general area of EPR spectroscopy in the Centre for Self-Assembled Chemical Structures (CSACS), McGill University, Montreal, Canada. The duties for the position are to assist in research related to materials science, free radical biology, and bioinorganic chemistry and to train students in the use of our new Bruker ELEXSYS FT-EPR. A successful candidate will have a PhD in physical chemistry with extensive hands-on EPR experience and good knowledge of pulse magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Exceptional candidates with an MSc degree and extensive EPR experience will also be considered.

The position is available immediately and will entail a year to year contract and remuneration at a level comparable to a postdoctoral position.

Interested applicants should apply with a CV and arrange for three letters of reference to be sent directly to Prof. Perepichka (dmitrii.perepichka "at" mcgill.ca)


Centre for Self-Assembled Chemical Structures
Department of Chemistry
McGill University
801 Sherbrooke str West
Montreal H3A 2K6

5th Annual McGill Biophysical Chemistry Symposium (April 15/09)

Dear Researchers,

The registration deadline for the 5th Annual McGill Biophysical Chemistry Symposium has been extended from April 17th to April 24th. This symposium will take place on Tuesday May 5th with Prof. Taekjip Ha from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign as the plenary speaker. Researchers from McGill, Concordia, Laval, U Montreal, U Ottawa, U Sherbrooke, and the National Research Council in Ottawa will present talks. The all-day event will feature a poster session for students as well as a complimentary lunch and refreshments. (PDF poster, 350 kB)

Registration is FREE OF CHARGE but please do register soon, as space is limited. Please email your name, your contact information, and your poster abstract to "biophys.chem at mcgill.ca". All inquiries can also be sent to this address. Hope to see you all there.

Best Regards,

Tony Mittermaier

Anthony Mittermaier (Chemistry, Chemical Biology)