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2007 Canadian NMR News - Archive

Myrna and Andre Simpson: Scientists

December 30, 2007

Myrna and André Simpson (University of Toronto, Scarborough) made a "10 to watch in 2008" list by Toronto Star (read story). Myrna and Andre are extensively using NMR in their work on various environmental problems. Their recent paper on 1H and 19F MRI in soils appeared in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 26 (2007) 1340-1348.

André Simpson's Group (external link)

NMR research at UofT makes news headlines

December 5, 2007

NMR research by André Simpson and colleagues from the University of Toronto is highlighted today by LabTechnnologist.com (external link). In their ASAP paper in Analytical Chemistry the UofT team describes a novel technique permitting the extraction of a complete 1H NMR spectrum for components in multi-component mixtures using a viscous non-proton oil-based solvent system.

André J. Simpson, Gwen Woods, and Omid Mehrzad, "Spectral Editing of Organic Mixtures into Pure Components Using NMR Spectroscopy and Ultraviscous Solvents," Analytical Chemistry 80 (2008) 186-194. http://dx.doi.org/10.1021/ac702119d

MOOT XX photos

November 9, 2007

Photos from the 20th annual MOOT NMR Minisymposium (MOOT XX) organized by Merck Frosst Canada Ltd. at the Hôtel Le Chantecler in the Laurentians on September the 29th and 30th, 2007 are now online (external link).

New Solids NMR Spectrometer for the University of Ottawa

October 26, 2007

Our cheers and congratulations to our NMR colleagues from the University of Ottawa, and particularly to David Bryce. His recent proposal to CFI for a new mid-field wide-bore solid-state NMR spectrometer and console has been successful. The new instrument is scheduled to be up and running by early 2008. Well done, Dave!

David Bryce (UofO, Department of Chemistry) (external link)


The 20th annual MOOT NMR Minisymposium (MOOT XX) will be organized by Merck Frosst Canada Ltd. and held at the Hôtel Le Chantecler in the Laurentians on September the 29th and 30th, 2007

The new home for MOOT on the web is www.mootnmr.org Please visit this site for meeting information and registration.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Second Annual Solid-State NMR Workshop

The National Ultrahigh-Field NMR Facility for Solids and Bruker Canada will be presenting the Second Annual Solid-State NMR Workshop on Saturday, May 26, 2007.

Creating a tradition of a Canadian Solid-State NMR event, this Workshop will focus on the latest developments in the field, with emphasis on practical aspects of SSNMR and its applications in material and life sciences. This Workshop will be of interest not only to NMR spectroscopists, but also to students and other researchers interested in using modern SSNMR techniques in their research practice.

The Workshop will precede the Simposium on Solid State NMR of Inorganic Materials at the 90th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition (details).

Saturday afternoon, May 26, 2007
Albert Room, Delta Winnipeg, 350 St. Mary Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Workshop Program (download abstracts, PDF file, 43 kB)

Session 1 Chair: Igor Moudrakovski (Steacie Institute for Molecular Sciences NRC)

13:05 Victor Terskikh (National Ultrahigh-Field NMR Facility for Solids) National Solid-State NMR Network
13:20 David Bryce (University of Ottawa) Solid-state 35/37Cl NMR Spectroscopy as a Probe of Inorganic Chloride Pseudopolymorphs
13:55 Eduard Chekmenev (Huntington Medical Research Institutes and California Institute of Technology) Towards 17O Solid State NMR Spectroscopy of Ion-selective Channels at Ultra-high Magnetic Fields
14:30 Michèle Auger (Université Laval) Study of Biological Solids at High Field: Perspectives and Applications

15:05 Coffee Break sponsored by CortecNet

Session 2
Chair: Glenn Penner (University of Guelph)
Werner Maas (Bruker BioSpin Corp.) Topics in Solid State NMR: RF Heating and Statistical Methods for NMR analysis of polymorphism
15:55 Tatyana Polenova (University of Delaware) High and Low Resolution Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy of Proteins: Studies of Structure and Enzymatic Reactivity
16:30 Darren Brouwer (Steacie Institute for Molecular Sciences NRC) Solid-State Proton NMR at 900 MHz

17:05 Reception (Campaign B Room) sponsored by Bruker Canada

Registration is now closed.

We hope to see many of you in Winnipeg!

the 900 Steering Committee

Symposium "Solid State NMR of Inorganic Materials"

Dear NMR Colleagues:

The 90th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition will take place in Winnipeg from May 26-30, 2007, and will feature a two-day symposium
on "Solid State NMR of Inorganic Materials".

Invited confirmed speakers are:

Todd Alam - Sandia National Laboratories
Hellmut Eckert - Universität Münster
Colin Fyfe - University of British Columbia
Phil Grandinetti - Ohio State University
Dominique Massiot - CNRS-Orléans
Marek Pruski - Ames Laboratory
Jeff Reimer - University of California, Berkeley
John Ripmeester - National Research Council
Mark E. Smith - Warwick University
Jonathan Stebbins - Stanford University
Rod Wasylishen - University of Alberta
Stephen Wimperis - University of Glasgow
Joe Zwanziger - Dalhousie University

Contributions for oral or poster presentations are welcome. The deadline for abstract submission is February 14, 2007. For abstract submission and general information about the conference, see:


LImited student travel assistance is available through the generosity of our sponsors. Please contact Robert Schurko (rschurko@uwindsor.ca) or
Scott Kroeker (Scott_Kroeker@UManitoba.ca) for application information. (Deadline: February 14, 2007)

We hope to see you there!

Scott Kroeker and Robert Schurko