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You are welcome to explore this new feature of this website - Photo Galleries from Canadian NMR Conferences, Users Meetings and related Canada-wide events. You are encouraged to submit us your photos, or let us know about photo-archives of recent NMR events hosted on your websites, we'd be glad to link them.

MOOT 21 (Windsor, October 4-5, 2008) (PennState )

VIVA II (Victoria, June 20-21, 2008)

CSC 2008 (Edmonton, May 23-26, 2008)

MOOT 19 (Guelph, September 23-24, 2006) (uGuelph ) (uOttawa )

Grand Opening Ceremony (Ottawa, June 1, 2006) (uOttawa )

900 Installation (Ottawa, June 1- July 21, 2005)